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Unclaimed Property?

Rayl ECRS has you covered

Recovery Benefits

We do the research into who has had their home foreclosed on at a sheriff's auction or tax sale. Oftentimes owners of the property will have a surplus or overage. We do the leg work to prove the money exists and is owed to you. We will work fast to avoid debtors and shady firms looking to take high fees from your surplus. We take a process that can be difficult by doing the laborious steps in an ethical and compliant manner.  

Get your permission

You will meet us face to face, virtually, and or over the phone. We will work with your degree of comfort needs. We will be transparent with what we need to do to secure your money and get it back to you.   Indiana, like many states, is judicial. This means that an attorney has to be involved with mortgage foreclosures. Tax sales are a little different, but our firm will use the expertise of our attorney and partnered Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This partnership will ensure the ethics and compliance of the process.

Keeping in Touch

We keep in touch to make sure that you know what is going on every step of the way. If you have questions, we are right there to respond to you promptly. Avoiding out-of-state firms and high-fee entities ensure that you are the focus. These firms have little interest in maximum return or the community you live in. Many out-of-state firms will avoid updating you once you have a signed agreement.    

Release property to owners

Once the required documents and signatures are secured, we will hand that information to the attorney to file. From there, you will receive consistent updates on where the process is so that you know when the funds are released. The funds will be released to the attorney and distributed from there.  



Rayl-ECRS is partnered with a local attorney and certified public accountant (CPA). This relationship ensures that your money is protected legally and in line with an ethical process. In many states, like Indiana, an attorney must be used for mortgage foreclosures. Tax sales are different, but Rayl-ECRS will always use an attorney to keep the process compliant with all laws.  


Rayl-ECRS has a streamlined process to ensure that no time is wasted. When you are contacted by Ayden or his team, you can rest assured that you have funds due to your or your family's estate. Our partnered CPA and attorney will ensure that the process is protected and, more importantly, compliant with the state's rules/laws.  


The claim process varies depending on your situation. Typically the needed documents are secured and signed. Those documents are then reviewed by the team and submitted by the attorney. Each county is a bit different in its process, but releases of funds take 30-45 days once all the documents have been submitted. However, from the point of contact to the date the funds are released usually takes 2-3 months.  

About Us

We are a locally based, ethical, compliant recovery team.  We specialize in assisting people who have had their homes taken from them in either a mortgage foreclosure or tax sale with funds left over.  Born and raised in central Indiana, Ayden is the CEO for Rayl-ECRS, working alongside his father, Jason.  A community-minded team, they have committed to helping families impacted by the weight of losing a home to get what is owed to them.  Battling out-of-state entities preying on the difficult times families are going through with the loss of their home, Rayl-ECRS is focused on transparency, using a local attorney, CPA, and resources to maximize their return.  We are community minded and are in this field to help families.  

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